The Feeling Will Not Go Away

The feeling of panic wants to creep up on me real bad. It will not go away and I am doing my very best at not allowing that panic to rise inside of me to the point of losing control of things in my little world. It is frightening and kind of scary in my book at the moment. My world is filled with panic a lot lately — health wise anyway. I am doing okay now since last weekend though. Anyway, at the appointment/meeting this morning with the nurse from Rescare I did get a little nerved at the mention of the company I am still with and what I will have to do when the time is right to get discharged from the shower company I am still with. The idea of having to see the nurse K is not my cup of tea as K always makes me nervous and feel very uncomfortable lately. With Karen, the nurse from Rescare, does seem to be more comfortable to have in my world – not intimidating in other words, lol. We do not have a clash with the minds whereas K and I have been having personality clashes a lot lately. In fact, to be very honest here, I wish that K never returned from medical leave as I had a three month break from K while she was recovering from knee surgery several weeks ago. So the nervousness I feel right now is not going away as quickly as I hope as it is still lingering from the appointment/meeting at 10 – 1130 am this morning. AARRGG! I am not very sleepy yet, either and that usually means my dander is up a bit for some reason. I will be okay, though. I am going to have to take an aid for sleep tonight in order to calm down the nerves I have at the moment in a little bit. It is going on 8 pm here in Wisconsin here shortly – 1/2 hr away anyway.

More later…

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