Almost 4 AM Thoughts – A Quick Entry – #1 Entry

The nature to run to the bathroom had briefly awakened me along with the TV sounds of Janine Pirro. Having a little difficulty getting up from the futon because of the way I was laying on the futon, my back was aching slightly so I transferred myself to the recliner after I finished in the bathroom. Ever since I have had the bout with bronchial pneumonia, I have not been able to sleep lying down on my back for some reason so I have been sleeping in the recliner most of the time since March, and it has been more comfortable for me. Finding my back does not ache while sleeping in a reclined position for some reason – yay! I am up for a few more minutes – watching Janine Pirro TV show on Fox 47 at this lovely hour since I have awakened briefly and had to run to the bathroom – in my case walked to the bathroom, lol Anyway… since I am still up for a while – not much longer though because I do want a few more minutes of sleep before KH gets here to help me with my shower at 8 am, I might as well get what I have to say before – returning back to bed, lol.

I have been complaining and having troubles with yeast infections since March 2011 – possibly longer than that actually – and now I feel relieved and comfortable from the pressure and discomfort from yeast infections for the 1st time in a very long time now. I hope, allowing God to take control of such once again, that the discomfort of yeast infections is finally over. I feel I have some normalcy once again since the beginning of the year. When Dr. H returns from maternity leave in August, I am going to have her do a pap smear and breast examination and for the 1st time I am going to follow through the entire procedure of the pap smear. I do not like the metal thing that is used and that is why I have not followed with pap smears with my former OBGYN in the past. I am a lot nervous of having the pap smear done because of the metal thing but Dr. H will be there and that will help with the nerves as she has a wonderful bedside manner.

Bing is on the top/back of the recliner right above my head and he keeps hitting me in the face with his tail. I wish he would stop but when I tell him to please stop because he is hitting me too hard and hurting me, he hits me even harder, lol.

More later after my 8 am shower. I am going to go back to sleep right here in the recliner now. Yawn… Good night once again.

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