Haven’t Forgotten 2

I haven’t been here for a while because I was not feeling very good and was put in the hospital over the weekend of the 12th and the 13th as well as have been admitted Thursday afternoon because of constipation. I know I have already mentioned it and had tests dine — abdominal/ultrasound and pelvic exam. I did not mention…I have two small cysts on my transplanted kidney but neither Madison or my family doctor is not concerned about them as we are already doing everything that is expected of me as a patient getting her labs drawn every month. At this time we are going to keep an eye on things. Otherwise my uterus is normal, spleen, and everything else that was looked at are good as well. I have a large hernia but that had been noted since I met Dr. H here in January of this year. I do have to admit that this summer has been an rocky one but I am managing and functioning the best I can everyday in the making. I was glad to be under the watch of doctors but I do have to admit that having too many come in and out of my room was nerving and overwhelming because I was not feeling very good. I even have a large bruise on my left arm that looks like the frontal features of a big dog like a black lab, lol. It is starting to get lighter now but it is still large. The nurses could not find a vein for ivy fluid before or after using the vein that I get my blood drawn from every month had quit working. It hurt when the needles were being inserted so my natural instinct was to jump and the vein would collapse and disappear. I do have to say that the feeling of constipation was much worse than being poked numerous times with a needle for ivy fluids. I am glad that the bruise is beginning to fade because it sure looks awful.


I am glad to be back home — since Sunday evening between 6 & 630 pm. I still believe that this had been a rocky summer for me even though I have been able to function physically. When I do not feel good I do not sleep well and have insomnia-like nights. That is all I complain about really because I know when to call to talk to the nurse at the doctor’s office. Yet I have to get used to the nurse who has taken over Courtney’s spot when she left for another job elsewhere.

I will be back again ….

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  1. What did they end up doing for the constipation? I remember they gave me lactulose when I ran into a similar problem , and I loathed the stuff. I’ve since discovered kristolose, which is a powder and can easily be hidden in almost any drink.

    Here’s hoping it passes soon (pardon the pun).

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