Afternoon Thoughts

I am having a good day so far. With grocery shopping out of the way, groceries put away, and no one here but myself and Bing, I do have to admit that I am having a good “me” day without CSE here this afternoon. I have decided, after all, not to have CSE over today or tonight at all. I need some time away from her again and may not have her over at all this entire weekend but Saturday and Sunday is still up for grabs if I still change my mind, CSE might be here for a while over the weekend. I am going to have my shower tonight between 730 and 815 pm tonight so I will have my shower gal here during that time. I do not need CSE here during that time anyway. With her having to go up and check on her cat Ethan every two to three hours, I do have to admit saying why bother having CSE here at all if she has to leave every now and then to go check on a cat who will NEVER learn to not be so filled with anxiety. Ethan has separation anxiety and with CSE going home constantly to check on him will make his anxiety disorder worse. I still believe and agree with others that Ethan is too high strong for CSE but who can tell CSE that if she acts like you are talking to a woman with deafness all the time. So I am glad to have a CSE-free day once more. It is so nice to defend for myself without having company over for hours on end once again. Boy… this has been a rough summer for me but I am still here and with the summer almost over, I am glad that I have been able to function without too much of a problem.


I have been watching some recorded DVR TV programming as well as Live TV on my cable today. I have already played Cafe World for a while, Farkle, and Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, texted JSL a couple of texts, had breakfast and lunch, and relaxing as I enjoy the rest of the afternoon before my shower gal comes to give me my Friday night shower. I have showers every Monday – Thursday morning at 800 – 915 am, and on Friday at 730 – 845 pm, and Saturdays at 500 – 615 pm. I look forward to my evening and late afternoon showers on the weekend because it is a great treat from having showers on Monday – Thursday mornings. Bing has been napping on my power chair seat for most of the day and afternoon and being such a good boy. He has enjoyed having the house to himself or with just me. I believe he has missed “our” time alone. I am going to take advantage of having a CSE-free weekend this weekend. No face-to-face contact this weekend. I am going to have my door locked all weekend long, not answer to anyone other than my shower gal who will come yet tonight and tomorrow, and be choosy who I text and talk to on the phone all weekend long. i have really enjoyed my CSE-free hours and going to take advantage of it a little longer because I believe that having CSE down here has caused a little roughness between us two this week. I just feels real good not having CSE here yet today.

More later…

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