A Little Irritated!!

I am not too happy with CSE right now — once again — and so why in the world do I even bother with her anymore. I have lost my patience in her totally now and do not have any sympathy for her whatsoever anymore and that is not me — the kindhearted person I am most of the time. My heart is becoming a little hardened now and I am finding her excuse after excuse rather old and increasing more and more each day, week, hour, and moment. I rarely saw her this weekend except for a short time and believe me … we did not say good bye or good night. I was not too happy with her whatsoever last night. I was glad she left. Will I see her tomorrow? Probably not. I am going to take the day for myself after my shower gal comes and goes for the day. I am not sure if I will be going to work tomorrow but we shall wait and see weather related. The weather this week has been good and not so good and definitely something I wish I could explain openly but can not do so.

Author: ksmiley

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