My Evening #1

My shower gal will be here in about 14 minutes now. Bing is lying on my lap after some snuggle and cuddle time. Ever since my afternoon entry CSE and have worked things out to some point but she is not welcome here anymore today. I am done with her for the weekend — most part of the weekend anyway. She will be seeing me when she come
S down to get the key to help take care of a neighbor’s kitty Oreo. CD’s kitty that is. I am having nothing to do with CSE anymore because of what happened this afternoon even though we worked things out. I was hurt enough. I am done with CSE now. Our relationship is not healthy.

Anyway, I talked to my caseworker at Catholic Charities, my caseworker at IDS, and my doctor’s nurse Lisa for a while before the weekend really began. Now, time after 7 pm the weekend has officially begun. My shower gal will be here in a few minutes so I will be back after my shower sometime. I have to go to Facebook and get some meals on the platters for all my Cafe World customers. Good bye for now and more later.

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