The Facebook Blahs and Understandings Through My Eyes

I love the game very much. It passes time and I enjoy playing with opponents as well. I have been addicted to the game for a very long time now and I have met some other people who love the game just as much and have asked me or I have asked them to be my friend on Facebook to keep in touch. I know … a long sentence — a run on sentence that is. Anyway… Farkle is a good game. The only thing that annoys me is the fact that some of the players are either sore losers and leave the game after three Farkles in a row, leave the game before they even start, or just are downright rude. I have no idea why people like that even bother playing Farkle is always asked. Some people drive me crazy when it comes to Farkle. Oh well… I will continue playing. I play for fun and to pass time away from a not busy day. Another thing about Farkle I am not totally sure about it is the fact the creator(s) of the game created a chat and rarely do I chat with anyone because they close chat to concentrate on the game. I close the chat feature most of the time now because no one rarely chats with you. That is how I have met some very nice people from all over the world. Why did the creator of Farkle even create the chat feature for the game if players rarely use it? Frustrating and rather bothersome at times. I have heard of some players leaving the game because they do not like the changes the creator(s) have made to improve the game and make it enjoyable and more challenging. I have considered leaving the game behind from time to time myself but only for a short period of time to give myself a break from the game for a couple of days – even though that does not allow me to keep the coin streak I have running from 3 to 12 at times. I have left Farm Town for a while to play Cafe World because I am addicted to that game as well but now I have gone back to Farm Town, Farmville, Frontierville (now called Pioneerville), and other games on Facebook I am definitely addicted to.

Why in the world does the facebook games have to be so addicting? I have not been to other places where communications are so worldly lately but Facebook. I live on Facebook everyday no matter what my day has in store with me. I can spend ALL DAY playing the games on Facebook and chat with my friends and family on chat there without fail. Set a computer in front of me and anyone and everyone has me hooked. I have been into computers since my first computer, a dinosaur it turned out to be not too long afterwards, was a Commodore C64 I had gotten as a Christmas gift from my mom and her husband Christmas 1987 to play games and do my last two years of high school papers on, and just have a computer in the house. I do not even know if they even consider the Commodore C64 a computer anyway. Who created the Commodore C64? Does anyone know? I guess I will have to do some research if such research even exists.

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