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I have been thinking of Laura Ignalls Wilder (LIW) and the time period she lived with her Ma and Pa Ingalls, Almanzo Wilder (even though I have not read past The Long Winter yet), the life that Mary Ingalls lived being blind, and Laura’s other two sisters. I do know that the Ingalls family did have a boy as well but he lived only a short few months but at this time have not been mentioned in LIW’s Little House series and I believe he is not even mentioned at all actually. There was a boy born into the family as well, though. I did some research on Caroline Ingalls and found that out – was TV series chapter years ago about a baby boy who did not live for very long and how LIW (played by Melissa Gilbert) took to the death of her brother – story of her going to the mountains where her Pa Ingalls found her with Mr. Isaiah Edwards a few days later and LIW was taken care of by an angel who was played by Ernest Borgnine (sp??). Anyway… The timetal LIW, the author who really lived and the TV series was supposed to be about, has been thought about long and hard for the past few hours. I went to my counseling appointment this afternoon – med check appointment with HL and MM (IDS caseworker) and talked to her about how I wish I could spend a week or so in LIW’s time and that I could live without television, a computer, and other accessories that we now have that LIW and her family did not have for a very long time such as a car, indoor bathrooms, electricity, and a few other things. I even told HL and MM that I would love to live with an Amish family for a few days to see how they live and work in their community and get away from TV, computers, and electricity for a while. I could live without my cell phone for a while too to be very honest here. I do wish I could experience the 1800 – 1950 with LIW without reading her words in a book but that is the only way I will be able to escape to another time ssand place. Anyway time, which is true, I read a story, I do find myself in the story as one of the characters depends on how I am feeling and what mood I am. Sometimes I feel I am playing Mary Ingalls character or Carrie’s, or even Grace’s. I am always on of the Ingalls children, too, in the LIW series at this time through what I have read.

As for today, technology, it is all good, helpful, useful, and technology will continue to progress and grow whether we want it or not. I find the use of a phone wonderful, computers are good, TV is progressing as far as how they have been made as well as what is shown on TV. Honestly, so much on TV has changed so since the 1950s when the 1st TV was created and put in homes. I can not really express my like for the shows of the 60s and 70s VS the TV shows that are shown today. There are no limits anymore as far as swearing, morale, and sex on TV! Oh my gosh, they do not have any sensors on sex anymore these days! AARRGG!! Back in the Dick Van Dyke and I Love Lucy days, the couples slept in twin beds and not double beds. Now that has drastically changed as time passed. With me, maybe sounding a little odd but do not care, I do not like sleeping in the same bed with another person who is either male or female – I would not sleep in the double bed with my mom one weekend when we visited her cousin DK and her husband up north while we were there for a family gathering in Saxeville, Wisconsin. My mom understood but I am not sure if I hurt her feelings or not. I think she wanted to stay up a little later and talk for a bit. Oops!! That is why I watch Law & Order series, Crime/Law movies, some cartoons such as Scooby Doo and The Flinstones (I do watch some comedy I guess, lol), and TV shows such as Judge Judy, Swift Justice with Jackie Glass, other Law & Order TV series (seen them all except Trial By Jury), and other TV shows of that genre. I am very picky with what I watch or allow others to watch on TV in my own home. I do like some reality shows but not all of them. I am not even following the Kadashians (sp??) at all. I only live on social security at this time so my feelings about watching real rich people on TV with family, drug, and problems does not please me at all. I watch soaps from time to time but not everyday – that is why I am falling far behind in getting my TV recordings watched now-a-days – these days. I have my own emotional and physical problems and I will admit that I go see a and take meds for my anxiety and depression disorder and say how my appointment went and what was talked about, but it does not happen all the time – I don’t think anyway… My life, what I don’t share with others is not anyone’s business. I am a semi-private person become more private as I get older and experience more of my world. I rarely go to the community room now to play cards with my neighbor BB, HC, and a few others. What goes on with other tenants here in the building is not my business either so I stay to myself. Even that said, playing Gin with my neighbors is fun when I am in the mood to communicate with others outside my apartment. That is why I want to live with an Amish family for a while or escape to LIW’s life in her stories, and get back the morale of today’s corrupted world. So much has changed!!!

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