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What can I say about my day? Hmmmm? I can say that I am feeling better now that I am on an antibiotic for my UTI that was finally founded on Monday while at the ER. I knew that something was not right down below there when it became uncomfortable and my bladder was acting a bit odd to me. Dr. H was not in the office on Monday so I could not go there but I did have an order for a renal panel blood test to be done Tuesday morning but I was so uncomfortable down below that I was screaming inside and the anxiety and pulse in me was very high. The antibiotic Dr. K put me on Monday night before I was discharged – not dehydrated and having to stay the night/be admitted thankfully – is working/has been working but now I can feel it working for sure. Dr. K put me on the right antibiotic without having to find out it was not the right drug my urine would be resistant to. In the past few weeks of my world I have learned a lot about how antibiotics work on UTI’s – resistant or susceptible to the urine – R meaning it will not work and S that the antibiotic will take care of the infection. From what I understand, my UTI is not a bad one. Dr. K and Dr. H and her nurses L and L take good care of me. Anyway, my med check appointment went well as well. We talked about how things have been going with me and what has been going on in my world – the panic attacks I had two weeks ago have also been mentioned. I had taken the book, The Long Winter with me to read until it was time for my appointment and while I waited for my ride to and from appointment as well. Getting back home took a little longer than my ride and I expected but I got home before 430 pm. I was even able to get in touch with Dr. Hussli’s nurse L before the office closed for the weekend. After getting home, finally lol, I do have to admit that I did not do much for awhile except watch some TV and play games on Facebook, and relax until my shower gal KB came at 730 – 845 pm. After KB left for the day, I read for a while and watched some more recorded TV and bed time is heading soon. I think the fresh air I had today has helped once again – yesterday too – and so I will be going to bed at 10 pm tonight.

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