My Monday

I had my shower this morning at 8 am this morning with EE. I even got a call from Rescare stating that DB is in the hospital because she was not feeling well so I called her this evening and found out that she is going to have gall bladder surgery tomorrow morning. She ended up at the ER last night because she had an gall bladder attack. Today DB is on the surgical floor of Mercy Hospital. Depending on the type of gall bladder surgery, she will be out of work for two to six weeks. Anyway…

My day was very good. I was up at 430 am this morning starting my day rather early but ended up taking a nap after EE left for the day. I watched a little bit of Live TV, caught up on some of my recorded TV shows I missed from last week and during the time I was not feeling very well, and did some reading that I had planned to do over the weekend but didn’t. I am reading Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows again after watching 7.1 and 7.2 – the last movie. I am still hooked on Harry Potter big time and wish to see all 7 movies in a row now. I have read the Harry Potter series, Laura Ignalls series, and now after reading Harry Potter, I have no idea what I am going to read but I will figure something out. I have my very own library and do not have to go to the public library ever. I do not like going to the library anyway.

CSE was down for a while this evening and stayed with me until almost 1 am this morning I think. I had fallen asleep and did not know she had left, lol but she texted me to let me know she left my place and headed back home. My Monday was a good day!

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