This Morning

Ahhh, this morning came around 5 am. No big deal. Got up and sat in my recliner and began watching TV for the day. I got a test from JP stating she had a fever so she was not going to make it over today to help with my laundry and cleaning so I called the IDS office at 730 am and left a message for MM to see if they can send someone else over today to help with laundry and cleaning. I had gotten a call back at 8 am this morning from MM stating that KP will be here this morning to help me out with my stuff, and I am waiting patiently for RK to come at 9 am to help me with my shower. I have an appointment this afternoon so I will have to get dressed for the day. After today, the rest of the week is all mine. Yay!! No more appointments this week! Another yay!

More later

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