Had To Do It After All

It turned out that I had to leave Farkle and go on to something else because I ended up playing with yet another Farkle player who did not know what they were doing. I decided to leave the game and allow this player have a free win as I only lost 100 coins anyway. I do not have the patience for those who think they know how to play Farkle. I am playing to win coins and to level up – a challenger I am today and still do not care if I win or lose a game from time to time but love the challenge with some players. Today I want to win and play with other knowledgeable Farkle players – not dink around and watch someone who does not know how to play farkle if I can help it. AARRGG! I won the first game with a player and lost 100 coins in my second Farkle game because I just had to leave the game myself. I am going back to play some more but my patience is NOT there right now. AARRGG!!

More later…

Author: ksmiley

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