Good Morning and the Need to Vent Already This Morning!

Good Morning

I wanted to wish my Dear Diary friends and readers a good morning. We surely do have a very winter wonderland this morning and someone is out in the parking lot taking care of the very snowy parking lot this morning or using a snow blower on the snowy sidewalk that surrounds the btuilding. It looks and feels cold outdoors this early morning. I have been up since 7 am watching recorded TV shows – another recorded episode of Scared Straight that recorded last night at 9 pm and I had dozed off for the night by then or just did not pay any attention to anything on TV because I was reading a little before heading to bed – falling asleep. Fell asleep in my recliner with Bing on my lap most of the ni I ssght. What a good kitty he is. Good morning and God bless!

The Need to Vent

I have no idea what goes on in my friend JSL’s head every morning when I text her – always pointing out my damn faults and saying that I just cannot send her a simple good morning text instead of a book and then says LOL. It is demeaning and mean of her and I wish she would stop and listen to herself and stop being a bitch every freaking morning! I wonder why I am still friends with her if she treats me like an idiot every day lately. I do wish to dissolve my friendship with her sometimes but do not dare because she will be an even bigger bitch and start a damn physical fight with anyone when she does not get her damn way all the time and she will drag her poor parents into our fight and cause even more, bigger problems. That girl belongs in jail for half the crap she has pulled in the past two years or back on probation to teach her a damn lesson about life. She still causes a lot of friction in her friendships by what she says by how she says things – causing problems. I might have to dissolve our friendship yet! Dang!

I am so glad that NMS had this very important talk with CSE about how concerned we have been about CSE lately. From what I have been told, the other day, CSE had gotten upset and only for a short time after NMS consoled her that we had every right to be concerned and CSE better get a reality check on things in her world before she gets upsets at either one of us. Even with that said, CSE is the very one who needs to change and neither NMS or I could change her. CSE does need to get her life on track and realize that neither NMS or I would hurt her but we will speak the truth and the truth does hurt. I have told CSE many times and I will remind her from time to time that she needs to get her life back on track before she loses anymore friends and family members because of her attitude towards people. I know her family does not really care about her and the other day she had seen a relative who just showed up at her door to see for a while. Her relatives need to get her help for her health issues because CSE will not take care of herself properly. She sleeps all the time, does not have any energy, her relationship with her ex-husband and his new wife is strange and looks rather strange to others – I have had people come to me and ask why CSE acts the way she does, she yells at her poor cat all the time – says she is not sure if she is going to keep him or not and he does not pay attention to discipline – because she yells at him all the time. Her yelling at her cat Ethan all the time has been heard by other tenants and even from outside the building. NMS and I both know that she has sleep apnea and needs to take care of it. CSE’s health is going downhill very fast from what we see and we are very concerned for her, and do not want her in the hospital again because she is not taking care of herself properly which we knew she is not taking care of herself properly at all. We even think that she gets so depressed and will harm herself one day yet. I still do not feel sorry for CSE at all. What she does to herself is out of my control and if she chooses not to have me in her life, that is her choice – not mine. I do not wish to have her in my life everyday either because she is onoe strange young lady! She is very strange in her demeanor and attitude she has developed with her new and legalized name – once CKR and now CSE. I still do not understand why she changed her name but can only assume – correctly from NMS’s findings – why she changed her name and why is definitely not a mystery whatsoever! She is one strange person and other tenants are not comfortable with her around. She is a big help for Bing and I, though.


JP is still out sick today so I will not see her until next week or when she does return back to work. So, today, my schedule has been slightly altered and changed – a small change – and I will not be going grocery shopping at Wal-Mart until this afternoon after 11 am. Another worker from IDS is taking JP’s place today – like Tuesday – her name being KP – love that person very much. She is the one who brought me home from the hospital after being discharged. Because of the weather outdoors being a very white winter wonderland, I am going grocery shopping and coming back home and staying home all weekend and not going anywhere – even church. Too cold out right now. Brrr!!!

I have to go and get some breakfast. I will be back later.

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