Teamster Manor Tenant Death

I just found out that a tenant who was in a nursing home for a while has passed away on Wednesday. NMS and I talked tonight for a while and she told me that this tenant’s obituary was in the newspaper. This tenant who passed away was a very nice tenant but she was ill and needed help in her last days. I do happen to like this tenant who passed away and I do wish the family well and want their grieving process to be short and easy for them – God bless them all – sorry to hear about your relative’s death. I feel bad! Another tenant now gone from death and that is a very sad thing for this place – another tenant apartment available but no one will want to move in here because former tenants have bad mouthed this place big time and I know the people who have and those people are bitches and bastards of today’s world – one of them I have not heard from since she moved out of here on October – bitch! She can go on ahead bad mouthing this place and I surely hope O never hear from this KM bitch ever again or see her in public – that two faced bitch! Yes I am pissed and angry with KM more than I have ever been in such a long time – that lying, no good for nothing bitch indeed. I better go – I am getting rather mouthy myself right now, lol. Welcome to my world today and always if you wish to be in my life through words. Gotta run. Bye for now. More tomorrow, January 13, 2012 – can’t believe it is going to be Friday, the 13th!

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