My First and Last Entry of Today – January 14, 2012

Hello and Good Evening!

I just realized that this is going to be my first and last entry of the day, lol. I got busy being lazy all day long and FORGOT to write today until now. Oops. Oh well. I almost took a day off but did want to come here and do one entry at least. I could have taken the day off entirely but really couldn’t. I am waiting for CSE to come down for a short visit but she is not here yet. It is going on 9 pm here and I am bd eginning to think it is a big mistake of having her down here at all this weekend or at all tonight. I hate it when she does not come down here when I have asked her to be here before 9 pm – not going to happen tonight – very frustrating and confusing. I am still very pissed at NMS for what she did and what JSL told me last – I am still royally pissed and I can not say anything now or wish to. CSE’s lateness is driving me crazy – my ears are beginning to feel the warmth of disappointment and frustration right now. I am doing my best at giving CSE my patience but it just seems like it is a waste of my time once again. AARRGG! I am royally pissed at NMS right now and that has top heat of my face right now and I do not feel sorry for anyone tonight – especially CSE and NMs tonight. My patience with CSE is thin tonight – AGAIN! Now, didn’t I not say hello and good evening? Yes, I did! Another dratted venting session again today.

My World Today

I got up at 830 am this morning – lazy all day long – not a whole lot going on right now. Watching and listening to CSI: Crime Scene Investigation right now and doing my damndest not to lose it with CSE when she finally gets here – late as usual AGAIN! Honestly, she has no sense of time or anyone else’s feelings. That is my world today – a lot complicated today – this weekend! AARRGG!!

The Rest of My Weekend!

I am not going to have CSE down anymore this weekend after tonight – I need to curb her coming here for a while once again before I lose my patience with her all over again and have a problem with one another again. She just does not understand me or care to understand me anymore – she has changed way too much for me to give her too much of my time now. She is not healthy like she was at the time we first met. AARRGG!!

Good Night

I am going to say good night and come back tomorrow sometime.

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