Hello & Good Morning!

Hello & Good Morning!

Hello and good morning to all my Dear Diary friends and reading this very cold, early morning. I have been up since 630 am today – awakened to Laurel & Hardy Comedy Hour. Dumb show and I did not even find them very funny this morning – not much a comedy type person. Even the Three Stooges do not seem funny to me – slap happy and crazy bunch. For today’s day and age, Laurel & Hardy and the Three Stooges program would NOT survive the TV airwaves – I believe. So I had awakened and got myself somewhat going and turned on CSI: NY this morning – recorded TV on my DVR box. I have a lot of shows yet to catch up on from last year – between September – December 31, 2011 yet! I stopped recording Days of Our Lives for a while and may not turn back to that show at all – missed too much now to really catch up. Maybe will go back to Days once ALL my recorded shows are all caught up. Not sure yet! Maybe I do still do New Year resolutions but not yet sure. Well, hello and good morning all the same everyone!

More later… I hope…

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