A Late Night Tonight

It is not that I cannot get to sleep – not exactly anyway – but just got my second wind a while ago. Probably because I have some sugar and craving for more – dang upcoming monthly … no fun. I am craving chocolate and Jelly Belly or gourmet jelly beans! That is one reason why I do not like my time of the month before, during, and after! I am such an emotional outrage during that time of the month – impatient, feeling like I am going to cry and drive myself emotionally crazy, and I just feel so crazy and lost and the need for certain things – time is a major factor and my pet peeves are more prone to come out during my time of the month. I am such a basket case and know for darn sure that I am expecting my monthly to come anytime soon! Blah blah blah. I am in a strange mood during my monthly and it drives me crazy and that is when I would rather be left alone and very very picky who I talk to. I am rational most of the time but during my monthly and a few days before and a couple of days after, I am a whole different person and can be deemed a bitch by those who do not understand me – I hate being a bitch but that does happen once a month for the days I have my monthly cycle. Now you know me better than you did yesterday, lol. Even though I can be sweet as pie, I can be a royal bitch for a couple of days before and through my monthly cycle, and a couple of days afterward. That is me – up late and now finally getting tired and wanting comfort for my everyday world =

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