Not So Hunky Dory Now!

I wish I could say I am one happy camper but I can’t lie. I am one very pissed 41 year old woman right now. I wish that NMS would never come back here after her stay at the Cedar Crest Nursing home she is yet. She can damn well stay there for all I care now. She is a bitch like her niece and our last onsite manager JL! She had to stoop as low as the lowest scum of the earth – dirt!!! That royal bitch! I thought I understood NMS but never have understood all these years after all. It is no one’s fault that she keeps getting ill in her apartment here – as she claims it is mine and CSE’s fault this time – NOT! Our property manager got in trouble for something that is not even his fault and this building has been habitable to live in ever since I have moved in and NMS’s apartment is not habitable?! I know damn well that it is not my fault, or CSE’s, that NMS got sick this time – so that went in one ear and out the other ear very quickly yetn nursd it pissed me off. I am an all new pissed off after what NMs has now done – a new thing. Her family is very sick bunch of people and NMS is very sick in the damn head more than ever. Her doctors have yet not said that she needs to stay in a nursing home yet but should real soon. I hope and wish that NMS never returns back to Teamster Manor ever again. Nothing is no longer going to be hunky dory for her or anyone here anymore. I hope she gets evicted from this place – she’s a very big troublemaker and has been one since her niece was here as manager the second time and the manager before KR, another manager who did not do half the job she was supposed to do. NMS needs prayers and I do to for such hatred in my heart right now towards a woman I love so dearly and call mom. Dang! I am royally pissed now – for the last time – with NMS and it won’t be the same.


KB will be here within a half an hour now and we will having my shower at 730 pm. I am so looking forward to it. KP and I went grocery shopping today and I got what I needed and wanted at the store before coming back home by 3 pm. Dr. Phil did not interest me today so I deleted the program from my DVR box. I do not like men and women in such competitions regarding beauty and health anymore than the next person and the show Dr. Phil aired today was not of any interest of mine at all today.


JSL is royally pissed off right now and I do not blame her. We have been talking back and forth through text from one cell to another cell between one another. I am royally pissed as well. Now I am watching an episode of Anderson about women loving criminal inmates! WOW! Strange if you really want to know – sick as well. Strange people!!! Here JSL was not going to text me anymore this weekend and now her being pissed off, we are chatting. AARRGG!!

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