I have had my shower and got into some comfies for the day. I have no major plans today. I really can not go anywhere today anyways. It is finally snowing – as predicted earlier this week and from what I read on the TV last night and this morning. We have snow finally! Yay! I am okay with it for the time being. The only thing is that the roads are slick and passable but everyone needs to be cautious today. RK was a few minutes late getting here because the roads were a little slick and they were worse off than she had expected but I did get my shower after all. I am watching some recorded TV shows right now on my DVR box but did watch some of MeTV this morning when I got up at 7 am. I even talked to my dad in Arkansas briefly but could not talk to him very long because he was driving and one of his rules is not to talk on the phone while driving – a good habit to have. I even called my sister to wish her a very happy birthday – she is 25 years old today and she was getting ready for work when I called – being the second one to call her this morning before 8 am. I was glad to have talked to her for a while. I miss my sister a lot! She lives in Kansas in Garden City and she works at Target store there. A hard worker she is. Oh my goodness – tomorrow is Friday, the 13th! Oh no! I do not believe in that superstition but know people who do. Oh no!

RK just left so the rest of the day is all mine and Bing’s. I am not sure if I will have CSE come over but yet might she can get online to do her research on her family tree but I think I am going to stay snuggled and have no company over at all. The weather is proving to be one of those days today – snowy for once this winter now – yay! We shall see though. I hope to see JP tomorrow morning for grocery shopping but will have to wait and see how the weather is first thing in the morning. I am not going to be texting much today I don’t think but will play by ear on that one. Staying in today.

More later…

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