Another Vent But Not One

I will never go back to a standard cell phone ever again. I love my Smartphone – Motorola ATrix 4G. I had to get a new one because the refurbished one I had was defective and it crashed the second day I had it, and I needed to get a new one – half the cost of the original price because of that fact that I am a valued customer to AT&T for a very long time now – a constellation to the one that was defective as well. My Papa has had so much trouble with his Motorola Atrix 4G that he went to a different phone and from what I understand, his friend and my mom, and I are the only ones who have the same phone now – unless Mom changed phones too. Papa has so many toys now-a-days that it almost makes me sick with disgust that he would brag about his toys all the time. LLL is a boy at heart with all his toys, too. Here I have a desktop computer, two laptops, an iPod, a Kindle, smartphone, cordless land line phone, a standard corded phone in my bedroom to use, a nice TV I have had for a few years, a VCR, a DVD player for the TV, my laptops,, and many flash drives for my use only, and I do not sit there and brag about them like Papa does. Yes, I love my smartphone and will never go back to a standard phone again, and use it everyday to play my gaming apps, text friends and family, and being a braggart is not my thing. Dang It’s LLL’s thing though. I wish he would grow up and be a man instead of a boy now – he is going to be 61 years old this May! Oh yes, he has motorcycles, too that he brags about. Fine and good, but I need not to have my riches rubbed in so hard practically everyday now – it can stop anytime. I live on a limited income – so what! Dang! I can manage just fine and balance my own checkbook – love doing that too as silly as it may sound – and take care of myself. My mother taught me how to manage my checkbook and she was an awesome and good teacher – a teacher she is today for many students who love her to pieces and that poor woman should be retired and enjoying retirement at her age of 67 but no, because of LLL’s toys and wanting new stuff all the time – she has to be the bread winner of the family to get all the bills paid and the house paid off. They are supposedly broke and not have any money after spending three years on the road travelling in an RV and had to move back to their home and evict the couple who practically destroyed the house and it had several repairs done to it when Mom and LLL moved back into the home. We can not trust no one anymore these days! Dang! So Papa needs to stop being such a braggart and grow up – a LLL trait that I actually still love about him because he is the very man who got me so very interested into computers at the age of 12 and I had gotten my first gaming computer when I was 17 that had become a dinosaur within two years – Commodore 64C! I have upgraded to better things of course, lol, and enjoy my toys – what I have – very much. You have to love my Papa or just hate him – that’s all I can really say. I do love my Papa very much. He knows and makes me feel I exist! He is a very caring and loving Papa and he loves my mom very much too. I have known LLL ever since I was about 10 years old and I remember the 1st birthday gifts he gave me – Still have the barrettes he gave me and I am now 41 years old and will be 42 in July!

More later. I still have to eat breakfast and take my morning meds. Later…

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