KP just called and she is now leaving Beloit. She said that the roads are still kind of slick so she will call me again to let me know she is almost at the apartment building so I can meet her at the front door to go grocery shopping. Yay! I am just about out of here for a while even though I wish not to go out in the cold and snowy outdoors today or any day – not a kid anymore. I do wonder how cold it really is outdoors this afternoon. I am so looking forward to grocery shopping – love KP so much – a good substitute when JP is not available but miss JP this week very much. Hope she feels better real soon – poor girl! Before too long, I will be leaving my quiet home to be out in such a noisy world of Wal-Mart. I feel I am barking up a tree at the moment – daring to go outside on a cold day as this but I do have groceries to get for the weekend before I run out of some important items. I love grocery shopping very much – a major chance to get out of this noisy, forsaken building I live in – some tenants are idiots. AARRGG!!

More later …

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