Waiting Patiently Here Now

I am watching an episode of “Mission Impossible” starring Steven Hill, Martin Landau, Greg Morris (Deceased), Barbara Bain, and Peter Lupus – actually listening to – while I sit and wait for KP to come and take me grocery shopping this afternoon. I say I am listening to the program because I am busy playing games on the computer at Facebook this time of the day – lunch hour – waiting patiently at the moment but definitely growing discontent and wanting to get out for a while yet today and back home and get ready for my 730 – 845 pm company and shower time. When the phone rang a few minutes ago, I thought it was KP calling me to let me know she was on her way but it was a telemarketer calling and so I disconnected their connection to my phone since they NEVER leave a message in regard to why they are calling – a rudeness I find a major pet peeve of mine. A rudeness I cannot stand. I have enough from a certain HI calling me and not leaving a message when she calls and she NEVER gets the message that I want nothing to do with her because she is constantly ill and never talks about anything other than her stupid seizures and epilepsy episodes the doctors can not help with proper dose of meds. HI needs to be in a nursing home now – she has too many seizures and she does not take care of herself. She is a very ill woman today and will never get better. I just wish she would just leave me alone – I do not want to be in her life – too negative for me. I hate her with a passion and she does not get the message. Why does she bother calling me! She is not very bright. I hate talking ill of HI but she is a very ill person and she needs help in her world today or she will not have any friends left who really care. I just don’t care about her anymore – annoying she is. So here I am waiting patiently for KP to take me shopping and I have too much time to think once again. Geez!

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