Good Morning Everyone!!

Ahhh, after having a cat nap, I am up for the day – shower will take place in about 15 minutes or so. EE is coming today even though it is a holiday and many workplaces are closed today along with getting no mail today, banks and credit unions are closed, and some eateries are closed to observe the federal holiday. IDS and Catholic Charities are closed today in observance of the federal holiday – Martin Luther King Jr. Day! I am not totally positive if I will be taking any cat naps today yet since I have been up before 6 am with only a 3 hr cat nap between 3 am and 6 am this morning. I was super busy, with my second wind and not taking any sleepy medicines last night, starting my story “My Life & World: Living With Cerebral Palsy. I have begun writing – the 1st chapter written this morning before taking my cat nap. I have been meaning to begin writing my story for several weeks when Papa told me about writing a story and submitting it to as a published author. Papa wrote a book on how to detail a vehicle and is selling it for 99 cents a copy at – no I do not have a copy because I am not interested in detailing a vehicle, lol. I do support my Papa, though. He is a good writer and has written for magazines in the past. Anyway…

Good morning!

I have somewhat, lol, gotten side tracked and did not say good morning right away. Oops! Ph well.

More later after my shower!

Plans Today

I have no major plans today but this is what is on the docket today…

1. shower at 8 am – 915 am
2. get into comfies
3. watch TV
4. writing
5. reading
6. relaxing all day
7. have CSE down for the afternoon

More later…

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