Good Night!

I am heading off early tonight – CSE is here and not here, lol… At the moment she is upstairs with her cat giving him time and she has been gone for practically an hour or so leaving me all alone to defend for myself but she has locked me in for me to feel safe tonight – I let her do that from time to time knowing she will be back sooner or later. She has left her cell phone on the charger and her laptop down here so I know, definitely know, she will be back sooner or later, lol. She must have dozed off upstairs while with Ethan – my best assumption without making an ass out of me and her tonight – she has had very little energy the past couple of days and dozing off down here the moment she has been here – energy comes and go and it worries me to death. I know she sleeps too much and has sleep apnea but she will not have the test done like I did a couple of years ago now.

Anyway, CSE has really worried me this evening big time. I believe that NMS has roped her into the mess she has put herself in regarding her so-called unhealthy living quarters in #102. A smell has been making her very ill lately and she has pulled the health department into the matter last week and the manager of the building found out after the fact which really pissed KR off – I gathered from talking to KR earlier today. Yes, KR has the office open today on Martin Luther King Jr – other places have been closed in observance of the day. I am going off in a tangent again and off the subject at hand. Anyway, I believe NMS has roped CSE into her plot of deeming her apartment inhabitable and has been planning on getting our property manager in serious trouble. I cannot even fathom the idea of this and it really has pissed me off big time not trusting NMS anymore. There is definitely a smell in NMS’s apartment that KR can tell but she cannot pinpoint the smell anywhere because NMS has so many things in boxes and her place is so clutter and a path has been deemed dangerous from one room to another. I have been in NMS’s apartment several times and find it very difficult to get around on foot so I never go past her kitchen if she ever allows me into her place – rarely does anymore which makes me think she is hiding something or plotting something against someone or doing something. Anyway, pissed off at her, I no longer care, but the idea of CSE being involved really bothers me. I surely hope that our property management and KR can do something about NMS and get the old woman out of here soon somehow. She has been causing so much trouble since her niece has been fired from her manager position a few years ago now and has definitely made a point of it reminding me about me not signing a petition to have her niece not lose her job – knowing that the property manager along with his higher up boss has made their decision to let NMS’s niece go from her job way before I decided not to get involved in signing a petition. I was not going to get in any trouble signing a petition from the property management and dared not get in the middle – flack about it ever since for the past 3 to 4 years now. NMS won’t let me forget about it!!! Sick I know.

Gotta run now and take care of my very cluttered desk. More later…

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