Anxiety Building For Days Now

I would have come back yesterday evening but I got busy watching the Grammys from 735 to 1030 pm last night and went to sleep right afterwards.  I did FORGET the Grammys was on until I talked to my dad’s wife who was watching it.  When she is watching one of her most favorite shows, no one can talk to her right then,  It can be frustrating at times because my mom and her husband do the same darn thing when we talk too.  Last night I had to call Rescare because the situation between me and DB had built up fear in my mind about her coming back here and I have always wondered why she would not respond back to me when I messaged her there and then I saw certain posts that seemed alarming and confusing to me – felt the posts were towards me or her workplace.  I have learned the past several days that DB can not be trusted – my frame of mind is seeing it that way anyways.  I had learned, along the way, that Rescare employees can not have friendships with clients on Facebook or outside of work.  That is one rule many companies have and it is not very favored but is what it is,  After talking to the person on call last night I had learned a little more than cannot be told here – confidentiality – my heart jumped a few beats of understanding and yet anxiety that was building up for days was still there in high levels.  Workers can lose their jobs for being “friends” with clients!  Dang!

More later…

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