DB Not Coming Back Here

It has gotten too personal in the past few weeks.  I had called Rescare last night because the anxiety had gotten so great because DB would not get back to me about when she will return to work and then I said something to the scheduler about DB being on my http;//www.facebook.com and when DB’s workplace learned of this unprofessional act – my fault too of course – they were not happy and I was told that the shower gals were there only for professional reasons only and it is the rules and regulations that the workers can not be friends with their clients because of such problems arising in their lives that can be outside work issues and with what happened between me and Dawn can happen and the workplace can not get involved because it happened outside of work.  Sad but true.  The workers, if they become friends with their clients, then they can get fired in a flash because of the rules the state has set for them. DB could yet be fired but it is not because of the “personal” relationship I had with her outside of work on Facebook but because of other reasons that can not be mentioned because of confidentiality of Rescare,  Rules are set for a reason and I got burned here and now, until Rescare can find me a new worker for Tuesday – Thursday, RK will have to come in – substitute for DB.  I do not know if work called on her about her befriending me on Facebook or not but that will remain between them and DB.  I need not know about it – not necessary.  I need not have any more burn outs here,  It is going to take time to get past this one.  I called Rescare back this morning and had to wait to be called back and the call came through about a half an hour ago now, and I told S that I wanted a small request made if possible and S told me she will talk to my nurse K who is coming tomorrow about it and we will go from there.  I have no idea if K is going to be bringing up what happened last week or not but my request was to her not bringing it up – healing now.  I got hives this time!  I do not want DB back here at all – never!!!

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2 thoughts on “DB Not Coming Back Here”

  1. I can see why the would not want the professional relationship to overlap your personal lives. I hope they find you someone you are comfortable with and that is reliable. So sorry you got hives! Take care.

    1. They will. I can understand the rules too when it comes to companies even though we do not always like the rules that companies have. It just so happened that this worker and I have a falling out somewhere and I do not know what I did wrong – if I did do anything wrong. I have been told I have not done anything wrong. I have a nice substitute for now and she is here Tuesday thru Thursday morning for the rest of the month. The company will not send the girl back here if she still has her job.

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