No Sympathy Wanted – Advice Needed Here!

For the longest time now I have been attending counseling sessions and seeing a medical specialist for my meds I am taking for anxiety, depression, and panic disorder for a long time now, and they are working,  I am also just beginning to open up and express my concerns on emotional health and working on my issues in life that have been affecting my well being emotionally, I have been dealing with a lot of issues in my own and the same issues keep cropping up from time to time keeping my life in a whirlwind of thought, confusion, understanding/misunderstanding, and in awe.  I have experienced a lot of tears the past several days because I have my period and then on tiop of that, people who will not admit they have problems themselves and will not change their ways and actions to better themselves.  I have taken so much emotional abuse from my own family members just as much as emotional abuse from friends I consider faimly.  What can I do to better myself from being so emotionally attached to such dangerously emotional people myself?

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