Morning Update, Walk Regimen, My Afternoon, and My World At the Moment

Morning Update

After my shower, I got dressed for the day, KP got here by 10 am – late but got here – K, the nurse got here late as well but she is fashionably late all the time anyway. Visited with K while she asked how I was, took notes, and asked other important questions. RK left at 1015 am and K left at 1030 am, and KP left after cleaning the bathroom, sweeping and mopping the floors, vacuuming the living room/bedroom carpet, and laundry. KP left around after 11 am this morning – do not remember but I had the house to myself by 12 noon.

Walk Regimen

I am going to do some walking inside and outside of the building from now on starting today – did so inside the building today at both ends of the 1st floor. It felt good! I am going to do this everyday for the rest of my life. I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!

My Afternoon

My afternoon is all mine. After part of my walk, I saw some neighbors in the community room playing Rummy and met a new neighbor in 104 I have yet not met but heard about, and then came home for the rest of the afternoon, evening, and night. I have been playing games on Facebook and cell throughout the day. I do not get bored too often. I have also been trying and failing to catch up on recorded TV shows today but that is really a lost cause right now, lol, still have been watching recorded TV shows. I should just delete everything and start over next Monday!!

My World At the Moment

Same old same old … stuff. Just added a walking regimen in my day today and from now on. Once I have gone so far for so many days, I will go farther again.

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4 thoughts on “Morning Update, Walk Regimen, My Afternoon, and My World At the Moment”

  1. I really need to get out and walk too. I am not sure what keeps from doing it. I do have to drive to a place that’s safe to walk but there is a trail not far from here. I would like to have a walking partner but not having one should not keep me from doing what I know is healthy. I really need to lose weight too. Good for you for getting out. 🙂

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