Good Morning, Today’s Plans, Now

Good Morning

Good morning! Woke up at 8 am this morning. Did wake up at 4 am this morning and stayed up for a few minutes. I had fallen asleep to watching an episode of Perry Mason on MeTV last night, lol. I could not keep my eyes open anymore after 8 am so I went to sleep.

Today’s Plans

I have my shower at 1030 am – 1145 am, getting dressed, and probably going to meet with a tenant this afternoon after lunch but that may not happen because our schedules may clash. We shall see. I am going to do my walking regimen this afternoon, and do some reading, writing, and watching TVrecorded TV shows). I do not have anymore major plans this week otherwise – plans can change, though.


I am having too much time to think again – over-thinking. I am driving myself crazy doing that this morning. I have been playing Words With Friends (WWF) since 815 am this morning on computer or cell – yep, WWF app for smartphones! I really love my smartphone very much. I am so glad I have the opportunity to own one today. My papa got me into the smartphone December 2011 when it was time for me to upgrade my phone after two years with AT&T. I have never had any problems with AT&T for years. In fact I am one of their valued customers and they always let me know what is new on the market and what could be available in my area. Because I live in a subsidizing housing complex, the only thing that is not available right now is U-Verse TV AT&T has now. Once it becomes available, I am getting U-Verse immediately and then TV, Internet, and Phone will become a combined (cheaper)bill for me and I can get rid of Charter Communications.

Strange sounds are going past my apartment today, lol.

More later… Thanks for reading…

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  1. Have you tried guided meditation? For me, it helps quiet the thoughts. Lately playing games on my laptop while watching TV helps a lot although I guess it’s not the healthiest thing in the world. It keeps my mind occupied. Doing just one or the other on its own doesn’t work as my mind will wander. How is the walking going? I miss doing that for the same reason, it really clears my mind. I will find some links to guided meditation videos and make a page of them for my own reference and then you can try them if you like.

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