Walking Through Wal-Mart Today, Dear Diary is Still Slow, My Afternoon

Walking Through Wal-Mart Today

I told my worker who takes me grocery shopping, JP that I was going to do some walking through Wal-Mart today and I was going to use my walker. No arguments there. I walked through Wal-Mart this morning for the entirety of the grocery shopping and got home with legs that felt the workout but worth every step of the way. Groceries were put away, I went to see the manager of the building, and then I took time for me. I walked a lot today.

Dear Diary is Still Slow

I am not sure why Dear Diary is slow but at this end of the line, Dear Diary seems to be slow in processing the submit button – goes through thankfully. It just seems slower the past couple of days. Are other diarists experiencing this? Please let me know. Thanks! It is no big deal or anything. I just have noticed. that’s all.

My Afternoon

I do not have my shower until 730 pm tonight so I have been taking my afternoon here in stride and doing whatever. Since I already had my walk today at Wal-Mart, I will resume my walk regimen tomorrow late morning/early afternoon when I get my mail. Bing is doing his most favorite thing cats do – catnap in the bedroom or on my powerchair and I am online doing my thing. I had lunch and watch some recorded TV programs this afternoon and now, seriously, my TV is off so I can watch some GodTube and Godvine videos on the computer/laptop here. I am planning on watching some more TV in a bit. I feel awake and I have so vigor to finish my afternoon with writing, reading, and playing games on computer, cell, and iPod.

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