February 18, 2012 — No Walk Regimen Today — Oops, My Saturday At Home, Another Day Has Escaped Me!

No Walk Regimen Today — Oops

I did not do my walk regimen today — oops! It is not that I did not want to or anything – unable to get out today is all. My legs acted like jelly today for some reason and I was very tired and sleepy. The only company I had wanted this weekend is my shower gal KB. My walk regimen will resume on Monday for sure — maybe tomorrow.

My Saturday At Home

I pretty much stayed in my apartment all day, away from other tenants. I did not want to see anyone, other than my shower gal KB. I played Cafe World on Facebook, a couple of rounds of Farkle, watched a little bit of Live TV and recorded TV, and watched some very special videos on GodTube and Godvine today but I had turned off the TV for a while – TV off? Very seldom is my TV off, lol. I am going to have a good day no matter what this Saturday brings.

Another Day Has Escaped Me!

I feel another day escaped me! I have had my early evening shower, KB has left for the day and weekend, and bed is looming in the near future as far as time is concerned. It is going on 10 pm here right now! Time has escaped me ALL day! I almost forgot to write here today. EEEK!

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2 thoughts on “February 18, 2012 — No Walk Regimen Today — Oops, My Saturday At Home, Another Day Has Escaped Me!”

    1. I wish I knew where the weekend went myself, It went fast and slow enough. When it went fast, it was like “where did my weekend
      go?” attitude go, and when it went slower, “Why can it not go any faster?” attitude. There were times the minutes went by so quickly because I was busy with things. Maybe we were busy enough.

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