Good Morning, Time For Self, It’s Definitely Official Now, Walking Regimen Resumes Today, My Day

Good Morning

Had awakened at 530 am but officially began my day at 7 am. Watched the news for a few minutes but as soon as the politics started, I turned to something different on TV.

Time For Self

I have decided not to get online when I first awakened just in case I dosed back off by 7 am. I had my alarm set for 7 am this morning instead of 830 am. I have plans WWF, Scrabble, and Hanging With Friends (HWF) on my cell phone, played Pet Hotel and Holiday Hotel on my iPod Touch, and now I am sitting here waiting for 8 am to have my shower and YE will be here to help me out. I did not allow myself a lot of time to write this morning right away but I will have time to write more later in the day after 130 pm or so. I just gave more time for self that did not include a lot of writing time this morning. a half an hour does go by rather quickly sometimes but today it seems to go kind of slow for me – til YE comes.

I have put EE for the name of the person who has been coming over on Monday mornings and last Monday I found out that I was putting the wrong initials for YE so I have corrected the initials this week.

It’s Definitely Official Now

No I am not engaged. I am not planning marriage. I do not have a gentleman in my life right now anyway. I do not have time for gentlemen callers at this time except for a friendship relationship. I have a few gentleman friends of the straight and gay nature. As of Friday, when talking to S at Rescare to find out about who is going to take care of my showering for Wednesday, February 22nd after I get back from my 11 am appointment or see if it will need to cancelled altogether that day, DB is not coming back here at all. They do not even know yet if she will return back to Rescare or not because of the way she has been acting about communicating with her scheduler and business officials. Will she get fired? That I do not know or care to know. I am just glad it is official that she IS NOT coming back here. She has become one strange person – someone I trusted and learned trust can be broken in a flash. Now I know the company rules about friendships with the workers of Rescare and visa versa. The rules are strange to me as companies should care less about what workers do outside their jobs but some companies have strict rules in place for reason. I know now why it is important – I got hurt and hurt badly enough that it raised the anxiety and panic inside me and fear of her coming back here.

Walking Regimen Resumes Today

I slacked this weekend and did not walk at all. I was too tired to leave my apartment and face the tenants who were coming and going in and out of the building. I thought I heard a familiar laugh out in the lobby and I did not really care to go out there and see if that familiar laugh was to the person I thought it belonged to. Why bother with people once they move out of here when they say they will keep in touch with you and do not bother to do so whatsoever – lies and more lies of friendships gone awry without even knowing what the problem is.

My Day

Shower at 8 am with help from YE, company coming at 1230 pm – 1 pm for a while, and then of course my walk regimen will be fit into the schedule today. Monday is my Sunday most of the time but today is actually a Monday for once, lol. I have company this morning from 8 to 915 am, then I have a visitor coming at 1230 – 1 pm, the rest of the day is all mine and Bing’s. I am going to watch some recorded TV programming on my DVR box, take a peek at my finances and make sure Quicken and my Excel document is up-to-date, play WWF, HWF, Scrabble, and other games on my phone, do some reading of Little Women, and of course, I have to do my walking regimen this morning. I think I am going to walk my end only and do so 4 times instead of twice. I do not want to go down to the other end for personal reasons – not disclosing why. Today is a Monday for once.

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