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A Late Start

Okay … I remember going back to bed after a bathroom break between 3 and 330 am and not remembering when I had fallen back to sleep. I realized, when I heard the alarm going off on my cell phone – Jericho – loud and clear from the living room I realized it was 7 am or so. I woke up fast and saw that it was 707 am – song playing for 7 minutes. I had gotten out of bed, put my robe on, and only 45 minutes or so before company came at 8 am. I thought, at first, that I was going to go crazy before JP got here but I immediately sat down and got comfortable playing Word With Friends, Scrabble, and Hanging With Friends before JP got here and was calm and ready for company by 8 am. I had gotten a call from JP at 8 am letting me know that she was going to be late because she had awakened late and had to take the kids to school yet. So I had a few extra minutes to breathe easy and comfortable before anyone got here. I hate oversleeping and thank goodness I do not have a job right now and … hate sleeping in still.

Good Afternoon Early Evening

I would have been here this morning but by the time I had started writing my 1st entry here, it was 45 minutes before 12 noon. I decided not to post anything until now – updated time andcurrent events. I thought, even though later in the day, I would say hello and good afternoon early evening before the day finally escapes me. Good afternoon early evening.

Tuesday Mornings Are Busy!

Even though this morning I had only a short time for self before company started arriving at 8 am and at 9 am, I do have to admit that I was busy the moment I had awakened from my nightly 10 hour nap. The shortened time was not so horrible but I could have more time for self before company arrives most of the time. Anyway, Tuesday mornings are very busy from 8 am to 1015 am. By 1020 am I was glad to have the rest of the day to myself to catch up on some reading, TV show programming on my DVR box, and playing Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends, and Scrabble. Today JP arrived a few minutes late because she had woke up late, had to get the kids ready for school, and headed to school before getting here. After she got here, she got my laundry started and by 9 am. RK arrived to help with my shower, get dressed for the day, and do what I need to do. I have wanted to start walking again since I got better from my bad bout of anxiety/panic but did not start back until today. I did half my walk today at my end of the building. I am not walking the other end of the building this month because I want to stay away from NMS as much as I can while she has company over this month. I did do my walk this morning before 12 noon, saw the manager about a couple of things, and continued on my way and day. I have gotten some texts from JSL this morning and replied to them but my afternoon has been somewhat quiet as far as texts are concerned – good. When JP got here, my neighbor above me was noisy that JP commented on how noisy she is. My neighbor upstairs is noisy indeed but definitely a fairly good neighbor. I will never see her or talk to her if I can help it though. She is one person I do not really care about. I hope, as the manager said, that she does get a bark collar for her dog. So far I have not heard her dog at all. Yay! But her noise does drive me crazy, though. I have shut off my TV and gone to bed by 9 pm every night lately so I do not have to hear her making so much noise after 9 pm now. She is being noisy right now. Very noisy. I am surprised that no other tenant complains about her noisy behavior or dog barking constantly. My Tuesday mornings are always busy.

Wednesday & Thursday

I have no plans the rest of the week until Friday morning at 8 am in the morning. Tomorrow and Thursday I plan to get dressed for the day but in comfort and not get dressed up. I am not going to go anywhere. If I do go anywhere, I will dress appropriately though. I still do spur of the moment stuff. This winter has not been so bad. This winter has been very mild. Spring is on its way now.

The Anderson Show

I am a fan of Anderson Cooper and watch Anderson daily and regularly. He has some real good shows to watch and listen to. I have been watching today’s episode titled “Could You Be Fired Over Your Facebook Page” … a great episode about some women being fired or suspended from their jobs because of what they post on Facebook and Twitter. I have known that we have to be careful what we post on popular conversation pieces such as Facebook, Twitter, here on Dear Diary, and New Dear Diary. I find that the women who got fired from their jobs had said some real nasty things on their pages and were rightfully fired from their jobs. I am going to post on Facebook today that we all need to be careful of what we post or jobs could be at stake. I know I will get a mixed reception on that post today and tomorrow. I will update on my post later.

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