My Past & Present Life

I do have to admit that I have had a lot of anxiousness and problems dealing with problems that had arisen in life – not all mine.  I would take things personally.  I was most vulnerable and hurt real easy.  Ever since March 11, 2012, I have not spoken to NMS and we have run into one another in the public area of the building without saying one word to one another.  That day has yet not been forgotten but now I am in my present life.  NMS does not exist at all.  She has no more say of what my life is about when it comes to CSE and myself.  I am finally getting used to the life CSE lives with and without me – new friends she has met on the outside of the building.  I have neighbors now I associate with who play Yahtzee and I did just that today.  I did see NMS this morning as well, getting her mail along with a couple of other tenants – neighbor who lives above me and in Apt 210.  That is where I went to play Yahtzee this afternoon – 3 games.  I won one game, R’s helper one one game, and B won the last game with one 50 pt Yahtzee and then two 100 pt Yahtzee’s.  I had two Yahtzee’s – 1 in the 1st game and one in the 3rd game.  I had a fine afternoon along with company at 12 noon. a walk outside from the front door to former Teamster Hall building and back to the apartment, then I had played Yahtzee with my neighbors.  I had a busy day after all.  A good day all day long,

My past life, even though remembered, is now where it belongs.

CSE was here from 530 pm to 10 pm tonight using the internet.  Now it is time for me to go to bed.

Good night and God bless.

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