My Week So Far On Thursday II

I have had my shower and now and dressed.  RK is about to leave for the week and be back next Tuesday.  KP will be here after her appointment at 1030 am, and then rest of the day is mine.  The weather is supposed to be partly cloudy all day long today so planning on running an errand with my power chair is not going to happen after all.  We will see what tomorrow brings after 9 am.  All is good.


As for my week so far, it has been fairly busy again and I did not go to my weight watchers meeting last night,  The weather was rainy and wet, and I just did not feel right going out in the rainy weather alone yesterday. I do intend on going back to the Weight Watchers meetings next Wednesday, though.  I won’t stop going to them.  I am on a roll losing weight and it is going to remain that way UNTIL I lose the weight I need off this ol’ body of mine.

This week has been busy.

Right Now

I do wonder what is going to happen this summer when there are changes occur here at the building I live in.  I wonder if JSL’s husband DL will still have a job mowing the lawn when changes occur.  Is JSL’s father retiring?  If that will happen, there are going to be some major changes happening in my life/world once again.  We shall wait and see.

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