My Monday

I do have to admit that this past weekend was a very good weekend and now today, not so busy whatsoever really.  I had my shower at 8 am and today is like another Sunday most of the time when I do not have any appointments and ever since my mammogram, I have not had any more appointments on Monday.  Anyway, today is just a semi-lazy day.  I can not believe it, still to this day, that a certain friend of mine told me that I am only busy 2 days a week. I have come to the realization that she is such a gloater when she made a certain comment on one of my posts the other day.  I will be talking to my counselor SW tomorrow about how this one friend gets on my nerves and I am not very happy with her right now.  I just do not understand my friend.  When I do not have contact with her, it is best now-a-days.  On Mondays I have a whole lot of thinking – over-thinking of course, lol.  Anyway… I have a very fairly busy schedule this week.  Yay!!

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