Rudeness On Dear Diary

Honestly, where do some of these people who are diarists on Dear Diary come from.  Some people are so rude and can leave the nastiest, strangest, and rudest comments on someone’s diary.  It just makes me laugh until tears roll down my face because I am laughing so hard.  Again, I had gotten a comment that was not strange at all.  It made sense but it was not pleasant to approve.  This person, unknown to me and will remain unknown to me, had said all I do is cry and coming to my page was a disappointment because all I do is complain.  Okay… I will laugh about that one because again this is my diary spot and I can write and share whatever I want.  No tears shed here but the comment WAS NOT approved.  I just wonder where in the world some of these people come from sometimes.  I do not feel sorry for anyone who has an attitude that displays meanness and hatred.  I do not have time for those who have self pity problems and I will admit that if I have a party, I will cry if I want to knowing that no one else will want to come to my party and share my pity with me.  Some people are just rude sometimes and I will NOT leave Dear Diary because of hatred, rudeness, and someone being mean.  I can say whatever I want.  If someone does not like what they read at public domain at Dear Diary, then they need not visit here again.  They can go find someone else’s diary worth reading to them.  I just think some people are idiots anyway and today I ran into an idiot.

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