Internet Up and Running …

I did not expect the AT&T phone company to send a technician out to my place to get me set up with the internet only.  It so happened this morning before 12 noon.  I was excited.  In fact, I was very happy.  I got all set up and my internet has been up and running all day where I first thought and have been told that the internet would be up running by 8 pm.  I am glad to be up and running earlier in the day.  I live Facebook more than once a day catching up on posts and comments, and enjoy doing my Bible study and reading online at YouVersion every day.  The tech got me up and running, set up my wireless and left within thirty minutes.  I was a happy camper.  It was a busy morning with my shower gal here, my worker who helps me clean and do laundry on Mondays, and the technician from AT&T being here.  Now I have time to relax and get comfortable before anything more happens today.  I have had too much excitement for one day already, lol.

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