A Very Much Needed Update

I have been super duper busy as always.  I have an appointment this afternoon at 2 pm with my family practice doctor Dr. K, and right now I am waiting for my shower gal to arrive,  My shower gal RK is off work for a while because she hurt herself somehow so I have BS as my shower gal this week and next week.  RK has been off of work for the past two weeks now and will be gone for another two weeks.  Bing Crosby the cat and I miss her terribly and RK knows.  Anyway BS will be here at 9 am to 1015 am and then KP will be here to help clean and do laundry, and then take me to my 2 pm appointment to see Dr. K.

I have not written in my diary for a very long time – again – and I am not sure if that will change just yet.  I say I will write more and then I do not do so.  I can not make any promises like that right now and I have done so and broke my promises so far.  I have to stop making promises I can not keep from now on.  That is why I am giving this very much needed update today.

I do have a lot to say but I do not have a lot of time to write it right now,  It is, by the time my day ends, too late for me to write in my diary to share my thoughts for the day.  I go to bed, almost every night, by 9 pm CST.  I shut the TV off, take my medications for the evening, shut the lights off, and go to my bedroom and go to bed.  I sleep in my recliner on occasion but not every night now-a-days.  I still love my recliner, though,  So here I am catching up with all that has been going on.

It has been an emotional summer for me.  My emotions have been up and down all summer long.  In fact, I believe it has been since April or May when CSE was staying here for so long and I had learned that her electricity had been shut off and certain bills have been unpaid.  Here we are, supposed to be wonderful friends, not knowing what is really going on in her life because she chooses not to be truthful or even honest with me.  Now… she is moving out at the end of the month because she did not abide by certain rules of living here.  Sad but she did it to herself.  I do not have sympathy for her on this one.  Because my emotions are in need to stay in check on a daily and regular basis, I had to back off from CSE and what is happening to her, and take care of myself more.  I hated the idea of doing it to her but I could no longer handle her along with my issues alongside.

There is more I would like to share but I have to go for now.  I will update more later.

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