A Much Needed Update 2

So much has been going on this summer that I can not even explain it all.  I wish I could.  My world has been going up and down lately – emotionally.  It does not make me feel real good physically and mentally.  Having an anxiety and panic disorder is no fun.  It can be bothersome on some days.  Having my friend BS’s dog Sport did help with the anxiety to finds its even point and not heighten up more.  Bing Crosby the cat and Sport get along very well.

I had an appointment today at 2 pm with Dr. K.  It went well.  I had her take a look at the bump on my forehead right by the hairline.  I have a cyst under the skin.  I knew I had a cyst on my forehead for a while.  She asked me if it bothered me and I told her no but where it is at, I would like to have it removed.  I do not want a bump on my forehead anymore.

As for the rest of my day … it was with Bing Crosby the cat after my appointment.  I ordered out my supper tonight and relaxed watching TV.  I did not have too much company today – just my shower gal and my IDS worker, and CD dropped by after I had gotten home from my appointment for a while.  It was nice to see her.  Once CSE moves out, I will see more of CD without the feeling of competition and the idea of CSE lying to her about things.  I never really thought that it was really safe for CD to have a relationship with CSE because CSE is not mentally stable.  Who would change their name to rid of their past when the past will never change?  That is what CSE did.  I am not thrilled by anyone changing their name like CSE did but I do not mind people changing their name otherwise.  I am glad CSE is going to be gone at the end of the month.  She blew it by not abiding by the rules of living here,  That is why I backed off from having a relationship with her.  She is no longer a friend I can trust.  All I can do is pray for her and wish her the best in her future.  I am glad she will be gone from Burbank Plaza.  I did not find her moving back into the building after being gone from here for ten years the right move. I have known for a long time that CSE’s past was not all good from the get go and it seems this building has a hold on everyone who lives here one way or another.  It seems, which is not really true, that people who move in sane end up leaving here not sane.  I have lived at Burbank Plaza for 15 years now and I was here when it was Teamster Manor up to August 2012 – last year.  Good bye CSE.  You blew it on your own and now you have to move.  You can not blame it on other people like you have already tried.

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