A Quick Update

Shower taken, dressed for the day, food prep done, and I went to my appointment and got back before 1230 pm.  I am now home, catching up on some writing, watching TV, and now going for a walk in a few minutes.  The rain was very nice and comfortable.  I believe I spoke too hastily this morning because I did hear some thunder this morning while KP and I were making my pizza for this week’s meal.  It was nice.  Was I worried about my computers and my modem being up and running?  Yes and no.  Yes, because I was going to be gone for awhile at my doctor’s appointment and I do not like thunderstorms that much.  No, because I knew God was in control of the weather and I have to have more faith in God and things in life.  I have enough emotional troubles as it is now-a-days anyway.   God is in control and if things happen the way they do, it is done so for a reason.  So far so good when it comes to trusting God.

So far I am having a good day.  I am off to go for a walk.

More later…

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