Life Goes On

I have to admit that life goes on whether or not I write in my journal often or not.  Once again another month has escaped me and I have had no time to play catch up.  I live day to day the way other people do and if I have time to write, I do just that.  Today, 13 days later since the last time I wrote in my diary here at Dear Diary, I have been working on getting my emotional life back on track by taking my morning medications and depression med right away after 8 am.  Yes, my depression med is getting back into my system now and I am feeling better each day as the month of September rolls away.  I cannot believe that the month is half over already but that is okay.  I would love to see September go and October come.  I do have about three days in the month of October I would like to see pass away quickly.  There are two birthdays and an anniversary in the month that belong to a family on my dad’s side I would like to forget for the rest of my life.

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