A New Month & Beginning

I do have to admit that I am a few days late in writing about a new month beginning.  I am okay with that.  I have been busy.  My schedule for the week has not changed much but I do have to say that I can now add I go to Bible study/prayer meeting Wednesday nights in Janesville at Woodland Christian School.  I am very excited about adding that to my schedule and the 15th of October, I am heading back to Weight Watchers so that will begin again in a couple of weeks.  So far  that is pretty much up for the month of October just beginning for me five days ago.

I have run into a snag with my friendship with CSE once more.  She has moved out and moved to Beloit, Wisconsin and now does not have a place to live right now because the apartment complex she moved into had a fire a couple weeks ago or so now and everyone had to evacuate.  I am not sure of the situation but the other day has driven me to block her from calling and texting me on my cell after she has decided to not listen and try to bring her cat to the building.  I did not see her but she had a friend come in and do her dirty work and what’s worse is that I did not let this person in but while trying to find out who it was, I heard the door buzzer go off.  I figured it was someone who did not understand the buzzer system again.  When I found out it was CSE’s friend who can not hear very well did knock at my door, I was not impressed.  Here she was, CSE, out in her friend’s car and all of a sudden my buzzer went off while I was explaining to CSE’s hard of hearing friend that I could not have CSE’s cat here and we are allowed 1 pet per household and I have already told CSE that her cat could not stay here the day before.  I was not thrilled at all.  CSE does not listen and she still does what CSE wants to do.  If she is not careful about abiding the rules of the tenants at Burbank Plaza, she is not going to be able to come over here anymore if it comes to that.  I still have her on Facebook as a friend, but that is all I have for now.  I cannot deal with anymore drama from her end at all.  She still lies or does not tell everyone the same thing.  It’s frustrating – very frustrating.  She has her friends who will be take her word for it and do whatever she has to do to be happy.  I just won’t be a part of it.

I have a feeling that I should have waited for another day to write but I feel that today was a good day to write my feelings out since they are sitting hard on my mind and heart right now.  Today is a birthday I wish I could happily say happy birthday to someone but I cannot do so.  I am hurt, angry, and really glad that my life sits where it does today without negativity all around me on all four corners of my life – yes … a square.

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