My Saturday Morning & Early Afternoon

With yesterday gone and tomorrow is now today, I do have to say that it was awesome sleeping in and snuggling with my Bing Crosby the cat most of the morning.  It did not dread getting up and out of bed or anything but I do have to say that I decided to get up for the day and begin my day outright the best day possible despite the gloominess the day shares with all who are here with me.  I am charging up my phone, my BodyMedia device, and waiting for my shower gal to arrive to assist with my shower for the afternoon/early evening.  I have played some games on my cell phone, texted a dear friend of mine back and forth for a while, did my devotionals for the day, and watched a little bit of TV while eating breakfast/lunch.

I am feeling better emotionally.  I am taking the day and taking care of me ALL day long.  Even Bing is included in the taking care of me process.  He’s part of me taking care of myself.  Right now he is in the bedroom on the bed napping and taking a slight break from the festivities from last night.  He had company last night too and he is worn out,

After my shower, I am going to get comfortable and play more games on my phone, watch a little more TV, do more writing, and then go to bed early.  I am hoping to go to church tomorrow.

More later…

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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