Can’t Disapprove or Argue at the Moment

Yesterday’s entry was one of the hardest I have had to write and today I do feel a lot better.  The only thing I wish I could rekindle is the friendship I have had with CSE but at this time I can not  do that.  My world is only allowing me to do so.  I have an understanding with God related to my friendship with CSE at this time and He has not asked me to back off completely.  That is why CSE is still on my Facebook list of friends.  I do not feel guilty or ashamed at what I had to do in order for my health to stay stable and I, myself, be comfortable in my own skin.  I may not understand why CSE is still on my Facebook list of friends at this point but I am listening to my God who takes care of my every need and loves me unconditionally.  It is not that I disagree or disprove God’s reason for CSE to be on my Facebook list of friends; I just do not understand why at the moment.

I am definitely staying away from JSL and her family right now. I do not know where the Sommers’ family stands right now as far as their emotional welfare because I have not heard anything more about them at this time except the fact that JSL tried to befriend me on Facebook at the beginning of this month.

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