Today is only begun – at 7 AM!  Yes, it is already 12noon and I have yet to finish some things in my life.  I have done some Bible reading/devotions, listening to a blog by a dear Facebook friend named PP, and did some praying to God on my own time.  I even took the time to cuddle with Bing Crosby the cat for a while before he got bored and wanted to do his own thing – sleep on the futon – lol.  Bing never really gets bored.  I HAD to turn the television off in order to listen to the blog voiced by my friend PP and the quietness is not quite deafing because I can my fan running, my phone exploding with notifications coming in from Facebook and wherever else I have asked notifications to come through via phone.  Otherwise, it is nice and quiet with my thoughts not racing at the moment thankfully.

I do have my shower gal coming at 3 PM.  No, I want to cancel but cannot do so today because I need to have a shower and wash this greasy hair of mine.  I would have canceled today if I had a shower yesterday, but I only got a sponge bath since I did not really want a shower or anyone coming yesterday, BUT she DID NOT hear her phone ring or check for any more messages AFTER she got a call from telemarketers.  People do need to listen to voicemails more often than some do.  I DID not want BS here yesterday but since she showed up, I let her stay willingly.  I do not think I allowed my frustration show and if I did, it was short and sweet – I hope!

Since it is yet early in the day and I have other things to do before my shower gal gets here, I will try to come back after 4 PM sometime and finish my thoughts in another diary entry.  I have to run for now.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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