Is It A Joke This Time?

I am going to admit something that I have admitted to friends only for the first time in my public journal.  Is the candidates for election of President of the United States a joke?  Honestly, I have lost interest in what the candidates have to say for the most part because Donald Trump has made fun of people and his business ethics are not desirable to me and probably to many other people.  Hilary Clinton has her problems and issues as well.  These two people have turned me off on them being President of the United States for four to eight years – if re-elected after the 1st term.  What is happening at the debates is a lot like high school kids having a brawl or wrestling match.  I do not care who supports each candidate or why they support each candidate chosen because it is what people desire and want in each candidate they support.  I am serious about where I stand and I do not stand anywhere at the moment because this kind of stuff gets my blood boiling to the point I am turned off or tuning things out.  I can watch the news from time to time now so unlike I used to without getting upset, but I haven’t watched the news in a while now because of the debates going on.  I am having a very hard time taking a candidate and wanting to support them because I do not know where I stand.  No one is working together in regard to the democrats and the Republicans it seems, and the Republican party is getting bashed by the democrats.  I even have friends on Facebook that bash the Republican party because they are democrat and will not vote anything but democrat.  Oh my goodness…this country is going to the dogs!!!

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