Not Exactly Planned

Not Exactly Planned

Today did not exactly go as planned AFTER I left to go to the grocery store. My day started out just fine, though. With my shower at 9 AM with BS at the helm helping get ready for my day, make my bed, do whatever dishes there were from Sunday night, and do her paperwork. I even made sure I had my debit card with me to go to the grocery store. I was dressed nicely with my hair out of my face in a ponytail and I was determined with all my heart, strength, and mind to go from outside the store to inside, go from one end of the store and back, pay for my groceries, and head out the door to home. This is where my day began to find a hinge in it…at the grocery store when I went to pay for my groceries. I HAD THE WRONG debit card with me! So…DB and I had decided to go to the bank – credit union – to get the money I needed to pay for the groceries, go back to the store and pay for the groceries and then load up and go home. What an embarrassment that was on my part. From now on DB and I are going to make sure that I have the right debit card with me before we go to the grocery store or any store from this day forward. The idea of almost forgetting my cell phone twice at the grocery store has taught me a lesson in leaving the phone at home or in DB’s car while I am in the store. We did have my phone with me while in the store today because we had my grocery list on it today. I was bound determined not to forget my phone at the store this week. That would have not been fun or even funny! Yes, I use apps on my phone ALL the time. I do not just play games all day. LOL


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