A Busy Day Today and Is My Cold Virus Gone Now?

A Busy Day Today

It was hard not to take a nap this afternoon for a little while during watching a recorded television program. I do not always get enough of Vincent D’Onofrio sometimes so I was watching Law & Order: CI until I had dozed off. The weather being rainy probably set my nap into mode or it was shear boredom of my day and I was recharging my batteries so-to-speak and sharpening up my mind for my counseling appointment I have had my shower at 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM, got dressed for the day, got my socks and shoes on with my right leg brace so I can go to my appointment and back without much of a hitch and yet have time for myself and Bing Crosby the cat before 12:45 PM when my ride finally arrived to take my to my appointment.


My thought on counseling now is pretty much…why go? I do have to go see a counselor from time to time in order to receive medical care with medications. Seeing SW today was not a chore or a bothersome feeling inside my head today. I did want to go and catch up on a few things that have gone on in my world since sometime before 2015 rolled away and winter came and went. I do have an appointment again with SW in one month – June 5, 2016. As far as “why go?” to counseling now is pretty much an idea I have finally understood my dad’s thought on counseling. SW and I have a good thing between us and I am not afraid of telling her anything not right as I did so today. I told her that my kidney health always comes first before counseling appointments especially when things were going a little haywire from last summer to February 1, 2016 when I had learned of the kidney disease that I have. Now that the weather has warmed up, counseling appointments will be scheduled once a month again until the winter months arrive and it gets too cold get out. I love the idea of having counseling once a month more so than every two to three weeks. I have med checks every three months with HL where I go for counseling.

Home At Last

I have been home for two hours now. It is raining outside and chilly and that is not the fun part of my day. Bing Crosby the cat and I have had some bonding time for a while. I have decided to get comfortable and get ready for my evening at home. I have to take medicine at 5 PM anyway. I am not in the mood to go across the hall to visit with neighbors and friends today anyway. I am home at last.

Is My Cold Virus Gone Now?

I have not taken mucus relief tablets since Thursday or Friday last week or maybe even sooner. I really do not remember when I had stopped taken the OTC medicine. However, I have been taking my Loratadine for the past 14 days now. I am going to lick these stupid allergies this year as well – when I can along the way. My sleep has been uninterrupted for the past two to three days now and that makes me very happy. The feeling of no sleep really does a person in after a while and this yucky cold virus made it hard for me to sleep the first eight to ten days or so. Having relief from sleep depravity is such a great joy. Is my cold virus gone now? I do hope so. I would not wish the cold virus on my worst enemy and I do not have any enemies…just old friends with drama issues and axes to grind every now and then.

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