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Okay, I am doing my best at not being boring or a bore here but I have some time to write more before my IDS worker gets here at 10 AM for food prep and organization.  I am going to get rid of some bed sheets by donating them to people who need things because they are either homeless or do not have what I have like this computer and a roof over my head and family/friends who do care about me.  I love giving to others who are less fortunate then myself even though I am disabled/handicapped myself and on a fixed income each month and year.  I have been giving to the homeless for the past two years now.  Since I am on a fixed income and do not/can’t work because of my health and disability I can give a little something of myself to others less fortunate than myself.  I think of the children out there as well who have abusive parents and need care from foster parents as well.  I had gotten my mail last night after returning home from Bible study/church and found that I had gotten mail from Voice of Martyrs magazine.  In the packet came a pamphlet that says “Write A Letter to Prisoners and Their Families”…  The idea of doing that once I opened the packet up this morning during my organization time with mail and my desk.  I am not too sure about doing something like this but I will pray and think about it very seriously.  God will guide me and while I am praying and thinking about it I can do some more research online when I have more time.

DB is here now making chili this week and then whatever comes to mind will happen until I hear from JM about visiting NMS in the hospital.

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